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Interviews & Appearances

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Catch up on Mario’s past interviews below. 

Mario will be on a property management panel and will give a Mini Ted Talk about "Ultra Effective Weekly Team Meeting Structure".

The Deal Scout

Mario speaks with Josh Wilson from “The Deal Scout” on how he got started in the investing space.

Josh Wilson

Passive Mobile Home Park Investing

Mario speaks with Andrew Keel and explains how he hedges the risks of investing in such a natural disaster heavy state.

Andrew Keel

Legacy Wealth

How Mario finds deals, how he raises capital, how he operates his deals, and the different nuances of investing in this asset class compared to multifamily.

Tim Bratz

The Apartment Guys Podcast

Mario Dattilo shares his expertise on investing in several asset classes that generate massive returns and avoids risks, while maximizing returns.

Tate Siemer

Pillars Of Wealth Creation

Todd talks with Mario Dattilo about how he invests for the long term with manufactured home communities and self-storage units.

Todd Dexheimer

Street Smart Success

Mario Dattilo talks reduction in supply, an increase in demand, and the most affordable housing option, and an incredibly durable asset class with Street Smart Success.

Roger Becker

The Vinny & Beau Show

Q & A with Mario Dattilo, Vinny Chopra, Beau Eckstein, and Ethan Diaz on Mobile Home Parks, and Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions.

Vinny Chopra & Beau Eckstein

The Savage Watermen

Mario talks with Josh Brisbane about his beginnings in the REI industry and different investing strategies that helped his portfolio.

Josh Brisbane

Northstar Real Estate Conference

Keynote speaker and Top MHP Operator Mario Dattilo, speaks at the Northstar Real Estate Conference about Mobile Home Park Investing, and Self Storage Facility Investing.

The Twin Ports Real Estate Show

Mario Dattilo at The REA Group talks about acquiring and investing in mobile home parks with Jim Ronding & Gary Kalligher. → Forward to Minute 12:50.

Jim Ronding & Gary Kalligher

Mario Dattilo on The Naked Truth About Real Estate Podcast

The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Mario Dattilo introduces the wealth opportunities with the pros and cons of mobile home park investing and his experience setting up his podcast about real estate.

Javier Hinojo Jr

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